The genius behind jenious!

Jen Picknell: Founder, Graphic Designer & Mum

I have been creating since I can remember – taking on my own personal projects of drawing since the age of 10, taking up art and photography at high school and working my way into a Visual Communications BA Degree at the University of Western Sydney; majoring in Photography. After going through 13 interviews (apparently I had too much experience) I found my feet in the publishing industry and developed my skills into Assistant Production Designer and then decided to spread my wings.

On returning from a year overseas travel I entered the world of corporate life and worked as the sole graphic designer in the marketing department for a large German company for 5 years. Realising that there was more to designing than corporate style guides
I ventured off on my own in 2001 and ‘jenious’ was born. Since this time I have contracted to work with charity organisations, freelanced for marketing companies and developed a great collection of clients that range from small to medium and also large corporations.

“I love what I do & aim to make my clients happy, walking away with amazing designs”

ious has operated out of bedrooms, warehouses, shared facilities and now has its own studio adjoining the family home. This allows me to keep balance in my life, often being joined by my 2 sons while supporting Mummy as she creates. Never a dull moment with our office mascot ‘Georgie the Jack Russell’ letting us know of client visits and deliveries.

Committed to creating balance between being a graphic designer, Mum and business women, my sole purpose is to inspire, educate and wow my clients and community which I serve. Having 16 years of industry experience, I have grown into a talented, focused, tenacious, can-do designer that strives to bring the best designs and solutions to my clients. I am working on building a team to support that.

Please feel free to join my world by reading, sharing and commenting on my blogs.