A debate often thought about, is it still cost effective to have a business card? Do they still have the same impact they used to with all this technology that we surround ourselves with?

Well, I still  love a good business card. Don’t get me wrong I am onboard with technology and the way we google someone once we meet them… I do it! But please tell me that there are still people out there like me that has a business card box, and even some ‘important’ ones sitting in front of me while I work.

My concern came about when I read a blog the other week where it was basically saying a big fat NO to the business card… my heart sinks. Not just for business and what I do of course, but for the thought that people might really think the heart of business connection, the ‘handshake’, was no longer required in our community.

The importance of a first impression still holds true to me. With a  secret love of networking, the value of first meeting someone that you resonate with, receiving a card, and then having that as a back up of their information. Sure I would then go back to the office and put their details into my Google Apps Contacts for future reference…. but to me the importance of the card is also about the style of the card, the colours, the texture, the feel and the impact of how the card looks. The more impact the card gives me the more I am inclined to keep it and use it as reference to call this person for their services.

I’m one ‘that’ type of person that has cards for inspiration, as well as for information. I still use LinkedIn, Facebook, search websites etc … but having a tactile impression of a person/business is so very important in my world.

So I ask… is the card still important to you? Is the business card dead or alive? and also, how do YOU like to exchange contact info when you meet someone? Do you think about what it might say about you?


Here are 10 of my favourite quirky memorable cards:

01: The See Through Card ~  that will always make you smile.


02: The Cookie Card ~ good to eat too.


03: The Cheese Grater Card ??? ~ clever, although not sure all that safe.


04: The Growing Card ~ a bit of fun, a bit of green and clever play on words.


05: The Finger Card ~ who doesn’t love to stick your fingers through a card? I really like this one.


06: The Pop Up Card ~ playful little pop up cards to sit on your desk!
07: The Intricate Cut-out Card ~delicate and divine.
08: The Letterpress Card ~ oh the gorgeous, delicate and luxurious letterpress!
09: The Playful ‘added extra’ Card ~ adding an item that defines what you do is definitely clever.
10: The Folded Card ~ great for the artist this one.