Encouraging clients to move beyond what they are comfortable with, or try something  can often be one of the fun parts of the job. Building off an existing set of branding parameters and pushing just a little bit more adds to the challenge.

The Paper Company needed downloadable flyers that created a professional, clean and clear message for what they offered and their main services. Documents that could easily be distributed, downloaded and read that added to their business presence.


3 x flyers. The Paper Company
3 downloadable & printable flyers for the main company services.

From there an online email campaign was created in MailChimp that included an email ‘advert’ followed by an email ‘newsletter’ that was all about these services. All keeping with the sleek professional look that was being created.

The Paper Company Newsletter

Newsletter sample: The Destroyer

The Paper Company Advert#1

Email ad campaign #1: We are BIG on destruction {created and set up in MailChimp}