Given the opportunity to work with a company that facilitates conferences, workshops and events was something that I really enjoy. It allows a consistency that corporate design brings. The difference being is that I am allowed to refresh and update graphics and layout year to year for each event.

This work initiated the rebranding of the company and now can been seen across the board with all marketing collateral. I work closely with the events co-ordinator and projects include email promotions, event brochures & flyers, electronic presentations, advertising, conference banners & posters, conference attendee lanyards and invitations.

ATSA 2012 Event Collaterol – lanyard, passport, and programme

Smithink 2020 workshop & conference flyers

Smithink 2020 Advertising


Smithink 2020 Event signage & banners @ ATSA 2012
(Main graphic: ATSA 2012 Event Brochure)
Andrea Ives Commercial Manager, Smithink 2020
For the last 3 year jenious has taken care of all of the Smithink 2020 branding including event brochures, general marketing material including a complete over haul of our look and logo. We continue to get positive feedback on our new look logo and are very happy with our all over branding. Jen is very easy to communicate with, comes back very quickly with ideas and always some great options for us to work with. Thank you Jen!