How cool is it that there are schools in our hospitals? There to connect, learn and empower our children while they go through sometimes not very nice times in theirs lives.

After being approached by the ‘Royal North Shore Hospital School’ Principal, we knew this project was important, and was going to take some time to ‘get it right’. Encompassing all that they were and their overall vision was, was paramount to the end success of the logo.

Target Audience ~ Principals, teaching staff, medical staff and agencies associated with NSW Department of Education Hospital Schools.
Key Message ~ We are in a collaborative partnership with parents, home, school, staff, volunteers, agencies and medical staff to ensure the very best educational wellbeing outcome for every child.

Connect, Learn, Empower ~ Our caring and compassionate team ensure a positive and engaging environment exists to support every student’s wellbeing.

Jenious’ aim was to look at the positive connection and links with 4 major roles: the child, the home, the staff, and the school itself. There should be elements of communication, linking, radiance, looking after each other, stability, nurturing, openness and joy. Colours were to be light, bring and happy.

There is always a beginning to the story.

Here are the initial concepts and then how the brand evolved:

RNSH School concepts

A1 posters that sit outside the schools doors at the hospital, outlining their visions, purpose & goals as a team:

RNSH School Poster Design 3


RNSH School Poster Design 1

The final logo presented with business cards, letterheads & stationary sets:

RNSH School Stationary Set

The monthly school newsletter distribution internally within the hospital and to other hospital schools:

RNSH School Newsletter

An internal invitation, set up in mail chimp as well as a poster, to showcase the launch of the school:

RNSH School e-invite


Vanessa Murphy. Principal. Royal North Shore Hospital School
… We had clear communication and time was taken to complete the process. It’s not a task where one tries to cut corners. Attention to detail, consideration to ideas, and open mindedness all contribute to the process. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jen. She is talented and dedicated to everything she does. We’ve had newsletters, posters, business cards, and a wonderful new logo designed by jenious and they are all outstanding. We have an excellent working partnership and I would definitely recommend jenious! She’s the bomb!!