From little things big things grow! Continuing on our school journey with a brand new school – ANZAC Park Public School

A new school has emerged on the North Shore in Sydney and jenious is proud to be a contributor to the branding for ANZAC Park Public School. Its super duper exciting to see how things grow from a simple concept of an idea in our creative brains, that then gets spread to the masses as an amazing element of learning & growing.

Target Audience ~ Principals, teaching staff, students, their families and community.
Key Message ~ A new school built on innovative modern learning with flexible learning spaces while learning together. Importance of reference to the historical element of the area, name and spirit of ANZAC.

Aspire, Innovate, Achieve ~ Outstanding opportunities for all students through excellence and innovation.

Our aim was to create a non-traditional crest that embodied the elements of Australia and the ANZACs, while also combining the themes of strength, courage, and learning. Taking from the schools surrounds starting with the street name (Anzac Avenue) the ANZAC memorial across the road, including rows of turpentine and gum trees in bloom. Colours needed to be kept as black, red and white – which had already been decided for the uniforms.

There is always a beginning to the story.

Here are the initial concepts and then how the brand evolved:

APPS logo concepts


The final logo presented within letterheads:

Stationary ANZAC Park Public School

The School Uniforms – kindergarten





The school newsletter:

ANZAC Park newsletter