The best way to overview this logo is to simply show you the actual brief I was given by my client! Love it.

I am creating a new part of the NSL vision and require and loved up, inspiring, feel good logo! I have given this to you because I feel it needs a feminine energy from the creative perspective. Run wild, be free with it!!!



PURE…Dance Naturally!


Conscious people, Conscious parties, Conscious planet…Natural State Living is the new cool!

It is a dance party for the natural party goers, using the dance party model of music, connection, celebration and movement for conscious partying!

It has to exude nature, natural, freedom, love, expression, openness, movement, cool, inspiration, potential, possibility, tribe, feeling good!


MORE INFO to inspire you…

feel good dance parties

planting the seed for conscious events

a natural place to come together

inspiration from the inside out

a deeper journey through movement and sound

connect, create, contribute

embracing new possibilities

Any chance we can do this by Thursday?”


Kelly Lynch Natural State Living, Sacred, Soul Sonic, & Pure
I love working with Jenious. Jen has a unique ability to tune into what you want, more so they any other designer I have worked with. Jen listens, feels and delivers from the heart. The energy and essence of my business wouldn’t be the same without her creative contribution. You have to be in love with your work and Jen’s design contributions make me fall more in love with our vision every time!