A sense of spirit, connection and being true to oneself all come into play when designing for NSL. It definitely brings the creative juices to the forefront and allows me to branch out – sometimes I even find myself getting into a zone blasting a bit of electronica in the studio.

I thoroughly enjoy the work that I create and produce with this long-standing client. Projects range from company branding, t-shirt designs, sourcing eco-friendly print suppliers, electronic marketing banners, event posters, banners & flags, through to posters and additional logos.

Email flyer, Banner bug & flag banners

Event logo & poster
(Main graphic: T-shirt designs)
Kelly Lynch Natural State Living, Sacred, Soul Sonic, & Pure
I love working with Jenious. Jen has a unique ability to tune into what you want, more so they any other designer I have worked with. Jen listens, feels and delivers from the heart. The energy and essence of my business wouldn’t be the same without her creative contribution. You have to be in love with your work and Jen’s design contributions make me fall more in love with our vision every time!