The discovery of a new brand came from a new source for jenious… Facebook (which I think is both amazing & exciting!). Life & Soul Insights needed to portray exactly what the name suggest… life & soul with a sense of feeling & essence.

The challenge with this brand was the interchanging aspect of its various names. Not only did it need to reflect the ‘life & soul’ it need to reflect the owner and have meaning to her.




Logo variations
Louise A.Shilton
I first ‘liked’ Jenious Design Studio’s facebook page after seeing that Jen had designed the winning logo of a friend’s logo design competition – so impressed was I with the chosen logo. About a year later I followed up for my own logo design, and I wasn’t disappointed! Jen delivered something that not only reflects my business, but which is eye-catching, unique, warm and versatile enough to suit different online and print media.