Take a product / service that is technically driven and bring a sense of ‘person’ to it was  my sole purpose and drive behind the print material for ISOPro and its image. This is a  project that has developed over the years into a complete corporate brand. Images, fonts, colour, style and structure are pushed through each element to complete the package.

The company range & overall project: 1. Logo; 2. Software GUIs; 3. Business Cards; 4. Corporate Brochures; 5. Data Sheets; and 6. Website.

Product Suite Data Sheets; five in total
(Main graphic: Corporate 2pp Brochure (converted from 4pp))
Gianni Torta Director, ISOPro
ISOPro have worked with Jenious Design for over 8 years now. Jenny’s input is indispensable whenever we develop anything that our customers see… Jenious works quickly and the job is right first time. We would never consider developing any customer-facing document or visual without their input.