A flashback to my packaging days at Siemens helped me conquer this project with finesse!

Getting ones head around something that is 3D while working with a 2D brain can get a little challenging, but I think that this project has proved my worth.

The brief was specific and involved:


Creative design of HorsePLAY game packaging and game box artwork. Everything about the package says FRIVOLROUS FUN, MUCKING AROUND.

Must haves'

1. Clean, clever design, multi layered, sophisticated, ‘modern’ appeal to today’s consumer.

2. Appealing to age range from youth – elderly.

3. Rebuts the issue of: Is it a game only for horsy people, just about horses?

What is the message we're trying to get across?

Buy Me! I’ve got appeal and fun for everyone (7 yrs+). Veritable coffee table book in a box (the images are awesome). Lasting learning that entertains your brain.

Design Theme


There was a fair bit of design work that had already been done (by a previous designer, which can bring more challenges; I am very particular about the way I work and the quality of artwork so a lot of things needed to be “tweaked”). But overall the entire design needed to be pulled together to have consistency and flow with all aspects of the packaging: image quality, fonts, colours, layout and flow!

I think the final artwork and testimonial says it all really! Pat on the back for me!
Job well done!





Jacqueline Thompson. Equus 101 Pty Ltd
It was perfect for what we needed. There was a good cultural fit between us, ‘you got it’ straight away. So straight away in fact that your design suggestion to expand on and continue the front footer across all the panels of the game box packaging was a real winner. And this winner was all at our first meeting.

I’ve always believed the best way to test if someone is as good as they say, or their testimonials suggest, is to put them under pressure. This we did with Jen. We asked her to help kick that winning goal on grand final day when she’d only been handed the ball (the project) one week before the grand final. Touch down Jen. Thanks for being on our team. We couldn’t have done it without you.