Ever wondered how to ‘build a support network when you have nobody you trust to support you?’ Well now you can. See how jenious was involved in this amazing campaign.

About a year ago now I was introduced to the fabulous Jen ‘The Jen-erator’ Harwood, who needed assistance with designing the cover for her upcoming book ‘The Greatness Principle’. Since then I have worked with Jen to produce this crazy amazing product that has grown into a world class book and range of extension products that continues to grow. I feel blessed and honoured to be a part of this, and the design outcomes that have come of our collaboration have inspired me and given meaning to what I do each day.

From working on the logo and ‘wheel’ graphics that run throughout the book to all the associated suite of products that make this range ‘great’ ~ the book, business cards, order forms, powerpoint slides, pop-up banners, cards, t-shirts, caps & party pack. Jen is now ready to present and show this to the masses. Go forth and be great!

{ Main image: Book Launch ~ 23 October, Geelong. GET YOUR TICKETS! }
Jen Harwood, Founder, The Greatness Principle
Jen Picknell is a true genius ! I had the vision and she had the details on how my logo should be, how the book cover would look, how the marketing collateral could fit together and how the suite of products we were designing needed to be a family. Jen’s attention to design integrity is world class and the reason I know that, other publishers, book experts and professionals are telling me we have produced a range of products and materials that are the best on the market. Thank you Jen Picknell, thank you for doing all the extra little things that have made all the difference. You are the best graphic designer – ever!

The Greatness Principle

{ The Greatness Principle book. Available Online }

Jen Harwood

{ Branding across the board – ready to promote: Business Cards, order form, book launch invite }


{ When Jen is presenting greatness she will have a powerpoint to match }

Signage - Banners


{ The range of Banners to be used at the launch, workshops and presentations. 2 x hero and 8 x investor pop-up banners }


{ As part of the series of products in the The Greatness Principle range, a box of Greatness Cards have been developed. Available to purchase! }


{ To celebrate your greatness with your ‘investors’ you can play along with The Great Party Pack. Available to purchase! }

Well, I can’t wait to watch this grow and be the great product it is destined to be. Find out more on social media

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