jenious was approached by a company that creates “crimping dyes” in the iron melting & steel manufacturing industry. They wanted to create a logo that showcased the actual crimping dye that they manufactured without it being an image and looking ‘kitsch’.

Original hand drawn sketch of “Crimping Dye”

My concept was to incorporate the hand drawn sketch that I had made of the product at our initial meeting at the clients workshop within the logo itself. I found that the ‘g’ in the company name gave me that opportunity. There were a few tweaks and changes to the physical look of the die itself, but in the end the graphics displays a modern take of an industrial concept.

Double-sided business card design
Bryce Gravenor ABG Engineering
You (Jenious) are so clever! Our logo and cards are great – just what we were after & more… and with such a quick turnaround. Thank you.