The Studio.


This is Jen?

the genius behind jenious!

That's me! Designer, creator, lover of life and all thing visual & amazing.

Why I get out of bed!?

other than coffee and sunshine...

I find immense joy in being a guiding light for others, eager to inspire, mentor, and share valuable insights with aspiring entrepreneurs. In addition, I'm passionate about setting a strong example for my sons, showing them that hard work and pursuing one's passions can make any dream achievable. Ultimately, my purpose revolves around helping others succeed.

Unleash Creativity
Creativity flows through me, serving as the lifeblood of my work. It's an intrinsic part of my being, driving me to create and innovate consistently.

Believing in Life's Tapestry:
I firmly believe in the power of what I do, be it in my personal life, professional endeavors, or moments of leisure.

Continuous Learning and Growth
I thrive on the ever-evolving journey of learning and gaining experience, both from my personal exploration and the wisdom shared by others. I'm always on the lookout for fresh experiences and meaningful connections. These are exhilarating times!

With extraordinary individuals and clients who place their trust in me empowers me in countless ways. Surrounding myself with incredible people is my foundation, and the art of networking with the right people fuels my journey.

Celebrating Joy and Play
Take a moment to dance in your office, crank up your favorite song, or share a hearty laugh with someone—this is the essence of celebrating life. I've come to understand that celebrating moments of joy is increasingly important every day.

Seeking Inspiration
I yearn for inspiration, whether it's found on my screen or in the world around me - nature, architecture, books, people, colors - it's what keeps me aligned with my purpose. Even on days when I waver or find it a challenge to get out of bed, I firmly believe that I'm on the right path. There's something magnificent still awaiting discovery.

And always more coffee to be found... and if there is a croissant and sunshine as well... just saying! heaven!