A few months ago I took the brave step to map out some future goals and visions of how I wish my business and some projects to manifest themselves.

It is now larger than life on our massive white board in the studio. So everyday I see what I wish to accomplish, my desires for my business and some projects that need to be given a big hug of encouragement. There to be added to and made bigger & better!

It’s out there now so I may as well share:
1. The book: TTFN xo
2. The business; an amazing studio space; coffee shop; gallery; & workshops
3. The dream; a paper shop.

So… the vision board.

Who knew that a simple arrangement of images, words and colours could be so powerful. It can represent many things; who you are, where you wish to go, and what you would like to achieve along the way. Making a powerful image based statement can be about more than a vision statement, but something you draw inspiration and drive from. The motivation to keep you pushing towards these things you envision. It is a visual & verbal articulation of your goals that gives you focus & drive. Very very powerful.

personal vision board jenious; jen picknell

A vision board I created two years ago that is still poignant to me now… it looks over me each day while I work… more of a ‘life’ board.

And you’ve no doubt heard of ‘the secret’ (created by Australian Rhonda Byrne) through our all mighty Oprah. The laws of attraction… creating the life you want… what we envisage we manifest to be true. It can be truly amazing how it works.

So what about a vision board for your brand?

How do you explain to a designer who you are and what you wish your business to be? Imagine being able to talk in a visual sense to a designer (clearly a right brainer). Its a perfect base to creating your brand. A board of colours, fonts, images of what you wish your brand to be, examples of others. It could not only be a helpful tool for you to truly focus on what you are after with your logo, but telling a story to a designer so they ‘get you & your vision’ straight up. Perfect right!? I know I would love this.

So let’s just get thinking… do you have a vision board? Would you be interested in creating one?

Talk to us today about making that happen… workshops are in production and COMING SOON to the Northern Beaches of Sydney!