Who remembers their mum’s ‘good scissors’? I was handed down the real mccoy ‘good scissors’ but have recently found a version just for me: my very own colouring in book and the ‘don’t touch the good scissors’ textas, that my boys will be taught NEVER TO TOUCH!

For my big year of 40 I really wanted something special for myself that would not only allow me to escape and get lost in, but also something that I could share with my boys for time out and creative exploration. After spending a good hour with my 5 year old one evening colouring in Sully in his Monsters University colouring in book, I thought I should really explore something a bit more grown up. I had been following a friend on Facebook who had found an adult colouring book and I instantly wanted one too. There would be no better gift that my boys could give me than these books.

Since its momentous arrival in the post I have found that these books aren’t just a one off. They appear in all the art shops, I have seen them in the waiting room at the play therapy centre we go to, and even read an article in the latest Renegade Collective (issue 22) on the artist who created them, Johanna Basford.

To accompany these new gorgeous books I of course needed some tools of the trade to make the pictures come to life. My 5 year olds tin of old pencils and textas where just not going to cut it. And what would arrive in the mail for me but a beautiful box of precious colourful gems x 46 Prismacolor art markers – to be labeled as “The Good Scissors”!

Now to go and find some me time to absorb myself in some creativity!







Image source/credit: www.johannabasford.com and www.boredpanda.com


Need some more inspiration:

  1. Take 10mins to be mesmerised with some drawing
  2. Johanna’s Facebook page is full of amazing illustrations
  3. Johanna’s books can be found on booktopia
  4. Buy some of your own “good scissor” textas: Prismacolor
    (see mine)