Do I? Don’t I?

Ha! Most people who know me might well think that I am a calm, collected, focused and talented designer. In short… I am. But I am just as normal as the next person… I have my days!

There are moments, sometime days that I sit here and wonder where my talents are; has the creativeness gone down the drain with this mornings toothpaste? This is crazy! I have work to do!

I think this simply makes me real! And at the same time a better designer. It makes me push myself for my clients as well as myself.

I do struggle to do my own branding and marketing – just like the tradie who’s home that looks like its falling apart, or the mechanic who’s car doesn’t work. We are all the same. It happens. We’re all real.

I think that when I do accomplish momentous events, projects and milestones it makes it all the more satisfying.

This whole website was one of those moments. Putting together years of work, ideas, concepts of how and what I wanted to show and tell people about who I am…its finally all here. The house renovations are about to start and my car is signed and works a treat. What more can I ask?

So yes I question the designer in me who doesn’t have it all… but then again I do?

Goal for 2014:

I wish to continue to move forward (onwards & upwards) and be surrounded by inspiring people.

I thought p!nk’s latest award acceptance was fitting to start me off.

Billboards Women of the Year speech! source: Billboard

Thanks p!nk for the inspiration. You rock! and I wish I had the balls to do some of the things you can do & say. Time to go and GET IT ALL!

“… I wish to be remembered for my humor and my passion and above all my ability to go from angel to asshole in 3.5 seconds, but always for something I truly believe in. And I wish for you all to know that after all the craziness and chapters still left unwritten, don’t worry, I will be one crazy-ass grandma. I want you to picture this — I will have blue highlights, I will have fuck-me heels, a really nice glass of wine that I made in my hand and I will tell anyone that will listen to how a smartass from Doylestown, Pennsylvania, told everyone she was gonna be a star and then Billboard fucking magazine made me their Woman of the Year.”