Colours influence our everyday lives and when it comes to branding we believe at jenious that it should be ‘set’ to be about you, as well as your product/service and industry… MAKE IT YOUR FLAVOUR, not someone else’s!

I know we all have a favourite flavour of ice-cream – mine being cookies & cream if we ever find ourselves in an ice-cream shop for a meeting! But seriously, the colour of our logo, and ultimately brand, is often the biggest (and hardest) decision we as business owners need to choose first to get ourselves on the map.

Do you go with what you think will be accepted by your peers, your personal choices, or a feeling that you want your clients to feel about you and your brand. I personally think that all of these are important, but at the end of the day you need to ‘enjoy’ your brand (cookies & cream for me), enough to be excited about it – it is at the end of the day, a reflection of you.

Eighty per cent of human experiences are filtered through the eyes, so colour is critical – Laurie Pressman, VP of the Pantone Color Institute (source Renegade Collective: Issue 23)

Colour is critical! It creates the mood, the beliefs and often values behind a brand and who you are. Sit with it, have it resonate with you and what you do.

Try asking yourself some questions:

  1. What are you inspired by?
  2. What colours make you ‘feel’ a certain way when you think about your business?, and
  3. Do you have a favourite colour?

In very general terms we find that bright and bold colours grab our attention, can be quiet strong and ‘in your face’ – often portrayed in corporate brands. Softer colours are still professional yet they are give across a more subtle and sophisticated image. The following diagram shows some colour meanings (courtesy of Martin Christie) that may assist with giving you some insight into how our society sees colours…


In conclusion we believe that when choosing a colour that will ‘set the tone’ for your brand, make it something that is authentic to you, and gives you and your brand emotion!… and is super scrummy!

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