I must admit, I’m not really ‘into’ fashion (I hear those who know me laugh out loud!), but I do love a good magazine. I appreciate the workings of a magazine (my working life started out in publishing funnily enough), and I love good layout & photography.

So then why not make a movie about it all too… perfect! “The September Issue”, is not just about Anna Wintour, the ‘ice-queen’ of the fashion world, but a great insight into the magazine world (even if it was 2007)… pressure, photo shoots, layouts, deadlines and more pressure!

Get a taster from the trailer!

The September Issue

Vogue Covers

Vogue internal spread photoshoot

SOURCE: Wikipedia. “The film revolves around the making of the Vogue September 2007 issue. It depicts the effort that goes into making the magazine, and the passion that Grace Coddington, a former model turned creative director and the only person who dares to stand up to Anna Wintour, has for the highly-regarded fashion magazine. In the film, Coddington is often portrayed as the leading victim to Wintour’s aggressive personality. The relationship between Wintour and Coddington reveals itself to be symbiotic, as Wintour recognizes Coddington’s expertise and keen eye for design. In the end, Wintour approves most of Coddington’s ideas and they appear in the final version of the September issue.”

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