Over 15 years ago I found myself sitting in an auditorium at a design seminar listening intently to the lone speaker on the stage. I was wide eyed, young & impressionable, ready to soak in some inspiration.

On the screen above was a presentation of simple slides that simply listed WHY I GET OUT OF BED! What gave this guy purpose to do what he did, design things he loved and inspire those around him. I don’t remember his name, but I remember his purpose.

So those some fifteen years on, I find myself sitting and contemplating my Why’s again! I’ve written them down many times before, but really what is my purpose, and is it still what I am here to do?

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1. To be a role model …most definitely. I love to inspire others, or mentor those who wish to get into business and need advice on how to make that happen. I obviously also want to set an example to my sons that anything is achievable if you work hard and do what you love! I basically just love to help others succeed.

2. Wanting to create …everyday & always! If I didn’t want to be creative why would I do what I do? It is in me to my core, my being.

3. I believe in what I do in life …In life, work, & play. I love what I do and believe this shines through me and my work & life.

4. Experience …ever gaining, ever learning. Not only from personal exploration but from others. Always keeping my eyes & ears open for new experiences and connections. These are exciting times!

5. Work with amazing people …If I couldn’t work with amazing people life would get tough. Having a great list of clients that trust me is empowering. Surrounding myself with wonderful people is the key. Networking with the right people is powerful!

6. To do new things …I love new adventures & challenges. Scary at times, but so rewarding once its been achieved. Sometimes things don’t work out but if we #3 & #7 then it all comes down to #4!

7. Celebrate & have fun …Do a silly dance in your office right now. Turn up your favourite song. Laugh out load with someone (or on your own). Just remember to celebrate every now and then. I am learning this is more and more important each and every day.

8. To be inspired …I crave inspiration; whether it’s on my screen, or my surroundings (nature, architecture, books, people, colours)… it helps me keep on track with my purpose.

So even though at times I waiver from my purpose, and get a little side tracked getting out of bed in the morning, I still believe I am on the right track. There is something greater than great out there for me still… the search continues. Keep watching.


Maybe I should ask …

Why do YOU get out of bed?