Welcome Nick from Apex Signage!

Nick Greally @ Apex Signage
I had been driving past Nick’s business for at least 6mths, each time thinking “I should call them to quote a job”, before finally calling him to quote on a job and since we have worked on a number of projects together including our own vehicles. Always up to grab a coffee and go through things, Nick is willing to accommodate any project and is really easy to work with. Jenious asked him 10 questions to delve a little into his day to day and help you to connect.

#1. Coffee or tea? What is your poison?


{jenious: With your office right next to a coffee shop its a win/win!.}

#2. What's your favourite Pantone colour and why?

Cyan. Blue is my favourite colour.

#3. First thing, in the office, I _________?

Check the scores of various sports.

#4. Radio station preference?

Triple J.

{jenious: A man with true taste. This is what you will also hear at the jenious studio.}

#5. Most used item in your office?

Definitely my iMac, and a close second my Stanley knife.

{jenious: The tools of the trade!}

#6. How long have you been in the industry?

10 years.

{jenious:Clearly a successful business!}

#7. What's the most ordered item in your product line?

I’d say vehicle signage.

{jenious: We’ve already worked with Nick on three vehicle signage projects to date and currently working on another.}

#8. Range of products in your repertoire?

We have everything from vinyl for signs, to rotary hammer drills, to specialised fixings for installations.

{Go online to view the full range + samples of works: Vehicle Graphics, Retail Signage, Frosting & Window Graphics, Building Signage, Corporate Signage, Banners, Real Estate Signage, Lightboxes, Exhibition & Trade Show Signage, Posters, Architectual Signage}

#9. What makes your business stand out from the rest in the industry?

We’re young, motivated and qualified which a lot of people in my industry aren’t.

{jenious:I like your style Nick ~ well said.}

#10. Last but not least, how do you find working with jenious design studio?

A pleasure; Jen is always helpful and goes out of her way to make jobs run easier.

{jenious: Always glad to be of good service. A smoother running job makes for a better outcome and a happy client.}

Want to know more, or even book in your next job? You can contact Nick directly on 0426 248 584 or email him at nick@apexsignage.com.au!