A little bit of me!

BORN: 17 June, 1975, Manly Hospital, Sydney (to an English Mum & Belgium Dad, with one older brother)

PRIMARY SCHOOL: Collaroy Plateau Primary.  HIGH SCHOOL: Cromer High.  UNIVERSITY: University of Western Sydney, Nepean

BUSINESS: jenious design studio   |   DATE STARTED: July 2001


Fun Stuff First!

What was my first design job as a business?

WAY back when… I did some catalogue work for a homewares company “Papaya” over in Double Bay. I would come home from my 9-5 job in North Ryde and then drive over to Double-Bay and be there till midnight helping them work on a product catalogue and then do it all again the next day. Made for a very long day! Don’t think I got paid that well, and I sure didn’t charge for petrol/travel time which I should have – ah to be naïve!

What am I listening to right now?

Flume, Angus & Julia Stone, PINK, Pharrell Williams…. a bit of a mixed tape really.

Last fiction book I read (and enjoyed)?

My Brother Jack, by George Johnston. Great Australian book.

My motto?

Love what you do and be good at it… always! What you give out you will get back in return – swings and roundabouts people? and “Creative Mind Happy Soul” which is tattooed on my arm for EVER!


Favourite TV Show?

More like what channel – LIFESTYLE HOME. sad but true.

Favourite Blog at the moment?

This is Colossal: http://www.thisiscolossal.com/  People just do some amazing things and I love a sticky beak into what and how they do it! Amazing!

Favourite Pantone Colours?

Pantone 382 & 281 – my business colours funnily enough

What’s MOST important to me?

My hubby, my sons, my dog and my  iMac & notebook!





Tea or coffee?

Both. Coffee first and then tea!





What made me start my own business? 

I had been working for a large corporate company for over 5yrs and had worked my way to the grand position of ‘Senior Graphic Designer’… of myself! Haha.

So with a position going nowhere and my need to feel creative, independent and have conviction about what I was doing, I asked for redundancy and started pushing my business ‘jenious’ as a freelance design studio, and I have never looked back. I love being my own boss!

What advise would you give anyone starting up in business?

Love what you do! Be organised! And ask LOTS of questions to all those who are already in business. Get lots of mentors!

How do I promoted myself? What works best for me!?

I don’t do a lot of advertising, but I have a website, Facebook and other social media pages. 99% of my business comes from word of mouth and repeat business, which I find the best form of advertising & promotion.

Since 2008 I took the step to go and investigate this whole world of networking – through such groups as BNI (Business Networking International), and PBL (Pittwater Business Limited), and found these invaluable sources of promoting myself. It was a big step to get up infront of people and sell ‘me’ as Jenious is all about me, my talents and what I love to do!

Next time investment will be to update and get my LinkedIn profile happening to its full potential.

What has been my biggest challenge so far?

I find that maintaining creative flow is major, but keeping in touch with the industry is a great source of knowledge and motivation.

As with many other small business owners maintaining a constant cash flow with consistent work projects.

Working on my own in my little ‘bat cave’ studio can get a little lonely at times, so getting out to various networking meetings, and having coffee with other business owners, friends and otherwise, helps keep the balance!