Welcome Luke!

On a meet & greet with some creative Mum’s a few months ago I mentioned that I needed a contact for an Illustrator. This is not something that I have a talent for and needed to find someone who did. I was given the details of Luke… and the rest… is a great new contact for all my Illustrative needs, from figure drawings in manuals, to caricatures in books.

Here’s a small insight into the world and mind of an illustrative creative! Enjoy.


#1. Coffee or tea? What is your poison?

Lots of strong coffee in the morning and tea when I’m working late at night

#2. What your favourite pantone colour and why?

PMS 368c. I’ve always loved any shade on green but I’m especially keen on the bright ones. My mum had great trouble dressing me as a kid when I insisted all my clothes be green.

{jenious: So no issues on StPats day then?}

#3. Top 5 on your current playlist.

Pinstripe (acoustic version) – Something for Kate; Everlong – Foo fighters; Back in Black – AC/DC; Sorrowbound – Dan Sultan; How to Make Gravy – Paul Kelly

#4. A book that really got me thinking was....?

‘A Fortunate Life’ by A.B.Facey

#5. Your most favourite pastime is…?

Eating. Few things get me more excited than food. I tend to plan my days around my next meal.

{jenious: Ha… me too. If it’s not coffee time, its time to eat!}

#6. 3 words that describe who YOU are/what you do?

Hhhmmm that’s a tough one. I think I’ll use three words in a row……“Imagination made real”

#7. The reason I do what I do?

I love that illustrating allows me to bring a creative thought to life. Many of us dream up wild and other worldly images in our heads and most of those daydreams will never be shared with anyone but ourselves. Illustrating allows me to bring those fantasies into a tangible form that everyone can share.

I particularly love the effect illustrations can have on children. Even if you’re not fond of the arts as an adult we can all recall our favorite children’s book. Something so simple can stay with you for a lifetime and in many cases will be passed on through the generations.

#8. How long have you been in the industry?

I’ve been freelancing ever since I left University in 2004.

#9. What makes your business stand out from the rest in the industry?

I think my flexible style allows me to deliver ideal results across a variety of industries rather than pigeon holing myself to one style of client. Many illustrators form a very specific style, which can be great (some clients prefer this), however, I enjoy working across a range of mediums and subjects.

Some days I’ll feel like drawing fun, energetic, colourful cartoons on the tablet, and the next day I’ll be drawing a hyper realistic portrait using a fine ink quill. Variety is the spice of life and I hate the idea of having to draw the same subject or style for the rest of my days.

#10. What's the best thing about your job and why?

I guess it’s a bit of cliché but the best thing about my job is that illustration is something I actually enjoy doing. Whether we like it or not, work plays a major role in our lives. You’re going to spend 5 out of 7 days each week for 50 years going to work. When I worked in other industries I didn’t enjoy I found myself counting down the hours till the weekend. I realized I was wishing away 70% of my life.

Illustration allows me to enjoy each day for what it is.

You can check out some of his artwork and style at his website: www.lukespindler.com.au

Awesome work! Can’t wait to use him for more projects in the future.