What’s on yours? A list of 100 things to do… basically your bucket list. Last month I saw Sebastian Terry in the flesh at network breakfast and to say that I was inspired was an understatement. It might take me some time to get started but I am inspired! (see my Today I Will post).

But this is not about events, we are talking about Blogs, and 100things.com.au is even more than just a blog. Its a place to make you smile, take you on a journey and even make you accountable.

So lets challenge the boundaries on ‘my’ comfort zone and put it out there:

1. Walk the 6ft track.

2. Fire a gun at a driving range

3. Improve on my high school French

4. Have kids: TICK!

5. Climb Mt Kilimanjaro

6. Get a cat: British Shorthair please!

7. Get some chooks

8. Skydive

9. Create a book

10. Go back to Scotland with my husband

11. Get another tattoo

12. Do a family Tassie road trip

13. Join my kids PLC (when they get to school)

14. Wear my PJs for a whole day whilst in the office

15. Volunteer for a cause

16. Collage of my Dad’s photos

17. Create a community garden in my home town

18. Start up a coffee shop/gallery/design studio

19. ?

Well it’s a start… What would be on yours?