So the industry is saying “the digital platform is changing”… too bloody right it is!

Last week I joined 100s of other creatives at the Roslyn Packer Theatre in Sydney to simply learn more, be amazed and inspired to step outside my comfort zone and be brave to create new and exciting things in new and exciting ways. Well done Adobe for making me want to download more of your apps and purchase your new products… Well played! Well marketed!

What is your weapon of choice? Does it matter anymore? If you are willing to try new things with your creativity and be willing to change according to technology…there in lies the challenge of a creative! Do you stick with what you know, or pick up a new tool and learn something new?

I must admit that I am not one for too much change… it’s scary right!? Today was a bit scary, seeing all these new things in software. Wondering ‘should’ I be using these? ‘Why’ am I not already? Well today was stage one.


Creative ‘Learning Rules’*:

1. Copy to learn how to do it and mast it.

2. Use that knowledge and mutate it into a new approach.

3. Use Darwinian selection knowledge to judge the result – ask yourself if you are adding innovation.

4. If the outcome is rubbish – Start over! Practice is the fuel for skills.

*Source: the cool Spanish dudes from Vasava, Bruno & Enric (see below) who wowed us with their ‘very’ spanish and oh so sexy accents!


Try something new, and mobile if you dare; lets start with some apps that Adobe are offering.

Time to have a play with my Top 5:

adobe-shape  Adobe shape

adobe-slate  Adobe slate

adobe-draw  Adobe draw

adobe-lightroom  Adobe lightroom

adobe-colour Adobe colour


Other highlights:

Ben Lowy – Photographer

Chris Panzetta – S1T2

Carl & Craig – Good For Nothing