It always seems to me that the first budget to go, or be looked over, is the design expenses for the marketing of your business. Crazy!  Your brand or image is what the market will see and has a direct impact on your results. As quoted from my new fav online magazine*

“Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words and you’d like yours to be wooing clients, not scaring them away”

So away with spending hours or weeks doing your own graphics, finding clipart & fonts like comic sans, and getting so frustrated that you almost throw your computer out the window. Time to get someone in to do the dirty work that you really don’t ‘want’ to do. It’s not your expertise remember!

I think it’s really important to choose the right graphic designer for you and your business. You need to have a connection and be confident that the message is working both ways. It really is an investment, both for your peace of mind, and for your business security and success.

Below I have given you 5 reasons that will help you on your path for investing in great graphic design.

#1. Experience & expertise

Listening and getting to know you helps shape, impact and give meaning to your design & business. This can only come with experience.

#2. Fast: Cheap: Great. You may pick only 2!

And never ever for free! I think this graphic says it all really.

How would you like your Graphic Design?

#3. In the know with suppliers

Good designers are a great source for good suppliers. With access to high quality services such as printers, signage companies, copywriters, web developers and even legals, why would you want to do that all yourself? Caring for your designs to give you the best outcome is a designers no.1 priority. It’s their name behind the quality.

#4. Knowledge & partnership

Often you may find yourself confused with the jargon or lost in this strange world. Designers are there to help guide you through the process

#5. Original & amazing outcomes

Your visual ‘stamp’ is what makes you stand out from your competitors. A great designer will keep it one of a kind and WOW! Do it once and do it properly

If you wish to give your brand presence the care deserved and wish to invest in your business success please feel free to get in contact with us to help you through this process.