Who doesn’t love a good coffee? Ok some people are strange and aren’t coffee lovers, but I was excited to have a local espresso bar on my list of clients!

To create a unique coffee brand that doesn’t have a bean or coffee cup on it was the ‘happy moment’ in my design day that day. The fact that a major coffee franchise (with bad coffee mind you) was across the road added to my excitment to really make this brand amazing!

The client came with a clear idea of what they wanted… a hand drawn sketch of what he wanted. Sometimes this can be tricky, but I was totally into the rough raw element that I could work with to create a unique brand that was definitely going to stand out from others… especially those across the road!

initial client sketch of logo

The initial client sketch which was a great source to start with… time for some Illustration drawing!


The workings in progress; concepts sent to the client for review.


The final product of ‘Loyalty Cards’. A great end result with a happy client.