So after such an amazing month for my business I started to think about all the milestones and achievements that we have in our lives, both in business and in our personal lives.

Being nominated and thus acknowledged in the local business community in July just gone, made me feel “Wow, I feel like I might have gotten somewhere… this is kinda a big deal”. To say I was a little apprehensive of a win is an understatement. Just to be nominated by my peers was simply amazing. Sitting there at the awards night I knew Mum was looking down proud as punch… “My little girl did good!”… she might not be as impressed with my new ‘do’ though!

Eighteen years in… BUSINESS (top 5)

I have been working in the creative industry now for eighteen years (nearly half my life ~ that’s crazy), so why not look back a bit and pat myself on the back as I am now in my ‘lucky 13th’ year:

Starting my own business… on my own. Relying solely on the funds I was invoicing. Paying rent on the unit where I was working out of my bedroom, often working late and rolling over onto my bed to sleep before rolling back and starting again when the sun was up.

Becoming my own IT guru, bookkeeper, salesman, & marketer all at once. Hitting the ground running.

I can honestly say that I am now a ‘Networking guru’, enjoying making connections with others and building relationships.

Ongoing clients that I have had for up to and over 10yrs, who trust and respect what I do is SO important to me. As I don’t do any real advertising, the repeat business and word of mouth work that I get is a true ‘making of the man’ so to speak.

Learning when to acknowledge my mistakes. This one I think has come with age and circumstances. It often means looking yourself in the mirror and question yourself rather than questioning others.

Thirty Nine years as… ME (top 10)

Moved out of home @ 17 to go to university

Bachelor degree: Visual Communciations; Graphic Design

Travelled the world on my own over a year

Business owner. jenious turned 13 this year! WOW!

Wife to an amazing man & mother to two gorgeous boys!

Strong, tenacious & talented in many ways

Trusted friend to many

Achieved #1 on my bucket list this year (link to 100 things post)

Nominated in the 2014 local business awards as a finalist in two categories.

Fit & Healthy and ready for 40!

Where to from here?

Being able to continue to inspire others with my creative skills is paramount. My passion is to help others achieve greatness, and if I can do that with my designs for their business then I can say my work is done… for now.

I would love to connect more with creative mums and inspire them through the challenges of the mum/work/life balance… not that I have it completely down pat, but that is reality!

Are there more awards for me in the future? Possibly! I have started the process now so why not put myself out there… what’s the harm in that?