What a year it has been!

So this will be my last snippet for the year and what a year it has been. A hell of a lot has gone on, been achieved, and been learnt. All with a few leaps of faiths along the way.

The top 10 for 2013:

#1. A baby was born… early… but he’s a keeper and we love him so! Gorgeous Baby Oliver. mwah. We love you so.

#2. There have been a load of new clients that have kept the studio churning, and burning at times. Thank you SO much for being part of my journey and we look forward to seeing you in the new year. Life & Soul Insights, Sparky Lady, SHE Business, Loquat Valley Prep School, Equus 101, Oliver’s Twist, LJ Hooker, to name but a few.

#3. I have had an amazing experience of support & growth with my ‘business club’ SHE Business women. Each month brings along a chance to get out of my little ‘bat cave’ and socialise and network with inspiring women in all types of businesses. They really do assist me in working my way to be extraordinary, and fearless!

#4. I did my very first online conference. Baby in one arm, coffee in the other, laptop a ready. 2 days of Artful Business and all in my PJs. Awesome idea and well worth the time!

#5. I took charge of my destiny and went on the journey to find & hire a nanny! Best thing EVER! Of course I can say now “Why didn’t I do this sooner”, but the mummy guilts had taken flight and it really did take some massive support and encouragement from others, and myself to take the plunge. Wow… what a difference 6hrs solid work can do. Now only to get 6hrs solid sleep and all will be good in the world.

#6. My faithful clients that have been with me for years. You have all stuck by me this year with my juggling act of motherhood. So thank you. It means a lot that you believe in the jenious spirit and talent and delivery of goods.

#7. jenious has mustered up some fantastic suppliers this year to which is always good news for my clients: consistent quality all the way through to the end. To name a few: Apex Signage, Aspect Legal, Adelphi Design & Print… Thanks guys. You rock!

#8. Where would I be without my social media. This year I have learnt to ‘manage’ it. I had a break from it which was uplifting. I have learnt to love Hootsuite to keep me organised and in front of my own game. And I have even come out of it with leads and new clients… so something is working. 2014 will bring on new learnings with other social media platforms so look out!

#9. Books of inspiration: there have been only a few as #1 seems to take up much missed reading time ~ The Happiness Project; and Renegade Collective (more of a magazine bible than a book). And I have a few in mind for 2014, hopefully with a bit more time up my sleeve. Haha I hear myself sing!

#10. and to end, I created a TODAY I WILL campaign. I wanted to use my own jenious ethos {‘creative mind happy soul’}, to push positive thinking and creative inspiration. So it’s working, maybe only in my office at the moment, but we will get there.

WOW really… I have done much…yes! (thanks yoda!)

So, now time to reflect.

With all that has happened I am very much looking forward to some time to relax and reflect, ready for the new year and all it will be bring. I ‘will’ be fearless in 2014, and there ‘will’ be new things coming out of the studio from a personal level. I ‘will’ be launching my TTFNxo blog. And I will remember to enjoy every moment of every day… even the crazy ‘mad mummy’ moments that happen quite frequently with a 4yo and now 11mo.

jenious & I wish you an amazing Christmas and New Year festivities spent with love, happiness and loads of laughter… and maybe some beach & sun time!! xo