I’ve always struggled with this as a creative – from Year 9 Art Class to 2nd year University; and it still seems to rear it’s ugly head. But these days I work with the challenge, rather than fight it.

In an ideal world it would be great to simply be trusted to just get the job done, and done well… of course! But this month I have been abnormally put in a position where I needed to prove to new clients my worth and ‘cred’ as a designer. Luckily (yet not surprisingly) I was successful… actually more than successful. Watch this space!

Of course this doesn’t help the next client, as verbal is not part of the design game – unless through a referral!

So, I thought we’d do a little “show & tell”: BJ (before jenious) & AJ (after jenious)


1. Brandwood Biomedical: Event brochure that needed some magic… corporate look! www.biomedical.com.au

Before & After: Brandwood Biomedical


2. Beachlife Physio: DL Flyer & A-Frame needed some ‘vibrance’ and ‘oomph’! www.beachlifephysio.com.au

Before & After: Beachlife Physio


3. Lighthouse Life: Rebrand which included logo, business cards, letterhead, gift vouchers, and Facebook graphics. Facebook/LighthouseLife

Before & After: Lighthouse Life


4. Ideal Anti-Ageing: This job started out as a simple rework of a workshop invitation, and ended up with a complete overhaul of the logo, letterhead, business cards, order & joining forms! www.idealantiageing.com.au

Before & After: Ideal Anti Ageing


Contact jenious if you need ‘help’ with an overhaul of your business branding & graphics! It’s time to make your business ‘look’ amazing too!