There seems to be a whole lot of talk at the moment about ‘wellness’ this, ‘abundance’ that, ‘mindful’ this and ‘intention’ that. And yes, of course I am one of them!

“Sometimes you need to step outside, get some fresh air and remind yourself of who you are and what you want to be.”

I have had clear goal in 2014 to do more of what makes me happy and strive to get through things with grateful intent, stopping to be mindful (with a daily alarm) and take note of creating happiness; all in both business and play.

At the end of last year I booked in and I set a goal to complete The Six Foot Track up in the Blue Mountains in NSW… and I can now successfully tick that one off my bucket list. Whoohoo! It was my time to achieve a personal goal, but also allow me to sit back and take moments of peace, tranquility, and suck in that fresh mountain air.

After such a full on week the week before the 3 day trip: 4 new clients on board, plans for a jenious planning day, house renovations and a reshuffle of daycare approaching; to escape all that and focus on one foot in front of the other (literally), it was the perfect time and space I needed.

The Trip: 8 people; 3 days; 43.5km; & perfect walking weather.

Day 1: Switching off: Walking down into the valley was like a decoding. Walk away from life and into a place of quite. Yes it rained a bit, I got the first leech of the trip, and there were lots of stairs… my legs got over the ‘jelly leg syndrome’ but I was on my way to letting my shoulders drop! The ‘fresh’ dip in the river at the end of the day was an awesome finish to day 1.


Day 2: My Mt Everest: Was I prepared? Not sure. Did people warn me? Of course. This was a day of challenging the mind and pushing through. Up and up,… and up we went. 4kms/2hrs of constant up hill. Head down bum up! Tough but so very rewarding! I secretly loved it. Not sure my fellow travellers joined me in my enthusiasm. I wonder what that says about me?


Day 3: Time for ‘a moment’: Being on the home stretch gave me time to think about the exhaustion from the day/week before, my constant tiredness in life, and missing my boys. It had only been three days, but time enough to feel all these emotions. It was more of a lonely day of plodding to the end… which was in sight! A challenge accomplished… successfully and all in one piece.


I can’t encourage others enough to get a little bit out of their comfort zones and breathe in the air around us. Take note of where you are, and where you wish to be. You may surprise yourself. I know I sure did.

Reflection: Sitting on the bus on the way home, back to my family:

Its like reaching the end of a massive project, sitting back and saying “Wow, I love it, my client is happy, I’m happy. Job well done!”…. or in life getting to the end of the day with the kids and saying “we are all alive…phew!”.

PS. Thanks to Cutting Edge Adventures for an amazing experience & weekend. Can’t wait until the next trip!