We often relate surrendering with giving up, like the white flag on a battlefield. Surrender means “to stop fighting with or resisting.” So I made the decision to ride the wave, surrender to time delays and admit to faults… and rather than battle it, repair it.

Things have been madly busy in the studio these past few months, and we are ‘just’ keeping our head above water. Of course it is great to be busy, our design skills are being stretched and our projects are many & varied. I may have over committed in some areas but it has made me more aware of our commitments to our clients & professional services.

I think in essence I started saying YES to too many people and instead of the old saying of ‘under promise & over deliver’, the studio was doing the ‘over promising & under delivering’. Major fail on my part.

So with some honesty, of myself, and to others, there was some re-evaluations, better scheduling and not over committing. This makes for better service and commitment to my clients who are the most important part of this business in the end.

Time to go and ride the rest of the wave… without the white flag!