Building long lasting relationships should be vital in your business practice. Clients that trust stay around and love spreading the word about how amazing you are – they amp it up for you… easy advertising! So how can we help you make sure that you are building relationships the right way.

“Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned”. ~ Unknown

We gain and maintain clients because of certain practices we follow. So… is it the way we talk, our persona, our presence? Is it because of how others talk of us? Or is it how open & honest we are? I think that it is all of these things in their own way… and its definitely NOT our prices.

How about we set it up as 5 simple steps to building solid relationships:

1.  Be your authentic self

Talk the way you normally talk. Don’t ‘put on’ a certain character just to seem like someone you are not.

2.  Be transparent

As much as you possibly can be open & honest. Clients need to know you are human. Be clear, open and honest from the start and don’t over promise.

3.  Offer suggestions

When it comes to design there are often different ways to go about things. If you know a better way that could work for your client, tell them. It might be quicker (and thus not bring in as much money), but at the end of the day the client will end up with something much more usable and be sure to be back for more!

4.  Share your knowledge

Everyone seems to be sharing there knowledge in FREE e-books, online subscriptions, blogs. Its just another way to extend the community and create understanding. If you know about it and are skilled in it, explain this and your clients will be thankful I’m sure.

5.  Be available

Within reason of course. Know your boundaries, but be available for your clients. Remember they love you and want to talk to you!