Some of you may be aware of my hiatus from facebook last month… others not so much but that’s ok as you where probably off dealing with the ‘real’ world.

After realizing that yes I might just be spending way too much time clicking on that little FB icon on my phone and not talking to my kids or husband, or having constructive ‘work time’, I decided that it was time to take some time off and give myself the challenge of NO FACEBOOK for 21 DAYS! Yes that’s right, 21 days. And I did it. Quite easy actually and now I am finding it hard to get back into it to be honest.

The solution for me right now is to play “Facebook smart”. Make it work for me in the here and now!

So I have come up with my own 5 simple tips for helping make your FB time work for you… in a business sense of course!

1. First impressions count.

Cover Pics - KEEP IT REAL
Make your cover pic sing YOU (& your business)! But be wary of the clauses. Did you know though that we can only now show 20% text or you will breach the new policy and have your site taken down? True fact! *(correct at time of writing). Take a look from the source: Facebook Rules.

Go and see the jenious facebook page for inspiration

2. Be Visual.

Visuals People!
When posting something remember to add a photo (and even a link to the source of inspiration). I am always more likely to say hi, click like or make a comment if there is a cool pic! Visuals people, visuals! People don’t have much time so scroll quickly and make it stand out!

3. Projects on show

Projects on Show
People want to see what you have been up to so its nice to see work, houses sold, products just made etc. And link to a website to see more! At the end of the day it’s all about you and creating screen time for you and your business!

On that note, check out some of my latest works

4. Create thought (?).

Create thought
Ask questions, create stories, and intrigue people with conversation. It’s always nice to start up the connection with your followers. Makes you real too!

Remember #2 though!

5. Wrap it up! Its contagious.

Wrap it up! Its contagious
Giving people a wrap is a great way to show your support for others. I love telling others how good service was ‘here’ or my coffee was at my local. So spread the word. Referrals always come back around – swings and roundabouts people, swings and roundabouts!