Welcome Cherie from Lighthouse Life!

There seems to be a whole lot of talk at the moment about wellness ‘this’, abundance ‘that’, mindful ‘this’ and intention ‘that’. And yes, I am one of them! It’s 5 years since I first met Cherie and I can honestly say that she is someone that I am blessed to have in my life. Not only does she radiate with a special sense of ‘being’, she is an awesome massage therapist, ally and friend.

As we all seem to need to remind ourselves to be mindful and remember the moment (even as simple as having a shower or driving to the shops), I felt that we would all benefit from hearing her thoughts behind “Being Mindful with Intention”.

Take a moment, sit in peace and just… BE!

Words from the gorgeous Cherie...

Mindfulness means “attention”.  It is not a ‘thing’, it is something we do.  To be mindful is to “pay attention to something”. To pay attention to what we do. It can also be said that mindfulness is paying attention in a certain way: ie on purpose, in the present moment and nonjudgmentally.

What to do when your life feels like it’s completely fragmented, or you’re being pulled in opposite or all directions? The feeling to return to is the present moment. It is the moment of power/healing/clarity/wisdom and the only moment we have.

To bring yourself to the present moment you need awareness of where your mind and emotions and actions are as well as the need to be grounded, that is grounded (ie connected, safe, secure, supported, balanced, centred, aligned, whole) in the physical body – not out there is the ethers (in the past or future).  We can all do it, it just takes practice!

And something a little lighter to help us get to know Cherie just a little bit better…

#1. Coffee or tea? What is your poison?

Tea – it’s delicate, subtle and ceremonial. There’s nothing that sitting down with a good cup o’ tea can’t fix

#2. What colour/s do you like to surround yourself with and why?

Can I pick a rainbow? That’s a challenging question, I love all colours. If I had to choose, probably aqua and white.

#3. Top 5 on your current playlist.

:: True Colours – The Best of Eva Cassidy

:: Real Life – Elbow

:: Just Listen – Oceanlab Sirens of the Sea

:: Divenire – Ludivico Einaudi

:: Stolen Dance – Sad Necessary (this is a song my son and I love to play when we’re in the car together!)

{jenious: What an amazing eclectic collection of tunes… Love it!}

#4. A book that really got me thinking was....?

Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration by Penney Peirce.  It’s my fave self care book!

#5. My passion is...?

Being amongst nature – mountains, oceans, beautiful natural scenery. It inspires me to keep connected with the spiritual realm whilst keeping grounded in this physical world. In essence it charges me with positive vibes so that I may continue to be of service in a healing capacity.

{jenious: I think this is true for me too – being around nature with my feet on the sand or in the water just gives me that special something to keep ‘being’ creative and thus be of service to others.}

#6. Something that I like to do each day is... and why?

Hug!!! – it’s connecting, grounding and loving

{jenious: And they are good hugs too 🙂 }

#7. 3 words that describe who YOU are/what you do?

Engaging, dynamic, healing (apparently)

{jenious: certainly}

#8. How long have you been in the industry?

15 years formally, otherwise my whole life

#9. What makes your business stand out from the rest in the industry?

My approach ~ ie the different strategies I use to address each individual’s needs. And an ability to hone in on where the client is at. My approach allows the client AND me to participate in the healing process together.

#10. What's the best thing about your job and why?

Making an immediate difference to the way people feel within themselves. And working with the mystical and divine realm in the process….we have a magnificent amount of love and support up there just waiting for us to ask for help.

Want to connect with Cherie and reap the benefits of her services?

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