Let’s settle some worries, thoughts and questions regarding how much a logo should cost you? And why do they vary so much?

It is a question often debated about in the world of marketing & business, and as design studio with loads of experience & talent I sometimes (actually often) get frustrated with people offering the $5 logo… are you for real? Do you expect it to be good? My mind keeps flashing back to the “The Good, The Fast, and The Cheap” where you can only pick 2 out of the 3.


In the reality of ‘good’ logo design packages, prices can vary from $500 right through to $10K, depending on what type of design business you approach for your quote; and of course they all will have their good and bad bits (don’t we all).

As Nicki McKay posted in her blog regarding website prices, which come under the same scrutiny with price, there are a few core types of businesses out there:

$ The part time freelancer/ student

This used to be me. Working after the 9-5 and working till all hours. Not always available for clients during the day. If you don’t have a deadline and are happy to work around these things then this would be your best budget option.

$ The offshore company

Mmm… still sceptical on this one as I like to keep our work/ industry here is Australia. To get the outcomes you want, you will really need to know exactly what you want, as well as talk their talk / understanding cultural & language barriers. I guess you would need to be very patient with this too as it might take some time to find the right designer. My best bet would be go spend the money ‘on’ shore and get quality first time around.

$ Design only

Here’s a logo and thats it. You won’t be getting any style guide with colour breakdowns, fonts or branding options with this one. You might get various file types of your logo though. Just make sure to ask for these items if you need them and don’t assume that you will get it all… especially if the prices is so cheap.

$$ Full time freelancer

Lower costs than the small studio, sometimes with limited resources (but not always). You might have longer wait times too as they will be working solely on various projects and often juggling ‘all that’. This option is great for people who have a set budget, who wish to work collaboratively, are happy to ‘work through this process’ and are not needing to turn something around in a week.

$$$ The small design studio

The team, the designers, working together for you! Generally the small studio have a small team that covers an variety of skill sets. They will be higher in price, but you will be definitely getting your money’s worth, and turnaround time will be a fare bit faster.

$$$$ The creative design agency

Woot Woot! Bells and whistles here folks! The creative design agency will really and truly push the design boundaries of your vision & your brand, and with this comes the big bucks! If you have a money tree out the back then look no further than a big bang crazy funky & full-on design agency! A small note on this though… most big agency outsource to full time freelancers (food for thought)

At the end of the day I would hope that you value your brand & vision and want it to be the very best it can be… and only with time and experience can this truly be achieved. Each and every one of us have our own intentions and outcome requirements for our logo but with some simple education on where to start we can all rock our logo with pride! I hope this has helped.