Is it a Mum thing, or are we as females innately ‘meant’ to be there for others, help them on their path, encourage them to grow & prosper? Or is that just me?

The past few months have brought on some opportunities to help some younger designer Mums with my knowledge, share my story and assist with… ‘stuff” I guess. Happy to be of service we met for coffee (of course) and questions came and I answered freely. It was lovely to share and ‘be there’ for these lovely girls.

So moving forward with this how can I continue to help? As a Mum, a creative Mum, I could offer other Mum’s who are working (specially as a creative) with support in just that… being a Mum working as a creative. How to make it all work. Sometimes I am unsure myself, but knowing that others are in the same boat somehow makes things easier.

At present jenious is setting up a Meetup group for Creative Mums on the Northern Beaches in Sydney.

Beaches Creatives: Creative Mum’s Meetup Group
This group is for Mums in the creative profession looking for support, inspiration and business improvement. All creative fields welcome. We’ll meet once a month and keep it interesting: coffee catchups, walks around the lake, sitting on the beach, and possibly a cheeky drink in the evening, enjoying each others company whilst talking ‘creative stuff’.

Would you be interested?

Let me know!? Email me today to show your interest.

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