NICE TO MEET YOU! You meet, you chat, you might have coffee, discuss what you do and how you can help with your service… and then you leave! STOP! What about a call back? How will they find you? Where are your business cards?

Your moment of WOW may have passed you by. Handing over your business card can leave a lasting impression on those you meet. I believe that it should scream YOU and what you do! At the very least subtly leave a persona with that person to make them “keep” that card, look at your website, facebook or even call/email you. A business card is your identity that spans over your entire business.

Make the investment!

I admit that I am picky on the cards I keep/ file/ even sit those special ones up on my desk to look at and remind me what a great card that is (but that might just be me and my creative visual thing going on really). I have a small (ok maybe large) peeve for cards that are just templates of templates that give nothing to show me who and what this person does. Why not invest in something that will give you that WOW factor that you were really looking for in the first place?

I love cards that have texture, vibe and a “presence”. It shows me that this person/company has thought about the interaction with their business card. But if you don’t have the money for those extra special printing techniques (I have a card in my ‘card box’ that is made of a plastic wood type material…very very cool), the clever use of your logo, a tag line, even how your name is placed with your details can really make a difference to how your business card can leave that lasting impression.

So what do you put on your card?

This all depends on the service/product you are providing? Your name is always a good start.

How do you want to be known?

Creative Innovator (designer), Director of Play (Event Co-ordinator), Number cruncher (accountant)? OR Head Honcho (Director)?

How do you want to be contacted?

Phone, Mobile, email, website, facebook, street address, post office box, or other?

Size ‘Does’ matter?

There are some weird and wonderful sizes out there for custom printed business cards. We can go square, small, thin, rounded corners, or standard (90 x 50mm). Keep in mind again how you want people to react with you and your card. Do you envisage this in a wallet, cardholder, or stuck on the fridge for show & tell? Remember that this all depends on your budget for printing, so discuss this with a ‘jenious’ before we get started on designs.

An amazing finish!

Do you want high gloss, subtle sexy matt celloglaze, recycled or carbon neutral, thick, thin? I know, I know… all these choices & decisions! A card can say a whole lot of things – Am I professional? Do I think outside the box? Do we provide a quality service? Being mindful of these points and various printing techniques is all part of building the knowledge and creating a great business card!


Check out the jenious print portfolio for some great samples of work and see how we can make your cards BE the right image for you!