Are you in a rut? Can’t seem to find that ‘zone’? Need some inspiration? All of the above? Here are some simple tips to help get you OUT and taking over the world with a creative buzz once again!

It happens to us all. You don’t have to be a creative (although as one, I find that it happens more than to most). Having the none stop pressure of ‘performing’ on call, can really take it out of you. So how do you get the vibe back? How do you get your creative mojo to resurface? Here are some tips that I use to keep me going (I have been going for almost 16yrs so the batteries must be on recharge constantly).

1. Breath, take a break, and get some air!

Some of us work 9-5 or better (blessed are we), and some are non-stop silly hours, but we all need to take tome out. Pens & mouses down. Off you go! Do you remember what the sunshine looks like? Head out and get some fresh air. I have a gorgeous little Jack Russell who loves a walk and gets all excited when she senses a walk coming on. This tip is especially necessary for those of us working on our own at home; although having worked in a big corporate building, getting out of the rat maze of office cubicles can be just as tiresome. Trust me… we all deserve 10mins (or even a cuppa in the sunshine). Go on!

2. Surfing helps.

Ok, so maybe not with waves and a board (although… this can work in with Tip#1). Talkin’ about the Internet type. Some may call it procrastinating. My hubby likes to call it ‘bludging’. I like to call it research! Get online and search design sites, blogs, magazines, articles, other designers, galleries, and the like. I have a few links you can check out… Why I get out of bed (link to blog articles). I love looking at how amazing and talented others are. It gets the juices flowing again. It might even give that small idea about a job I am doing that helps get me started, or even finished off.

3. Go old school… take trip to the newsagent.

If its not online, you know you can always go ‘old school’! Hands on. I love getting my hands on the latest magazine. Nothing better than physically turning pages. Yes I might get a bit excited about the paper stock, the finish of the magazine and even the odd size & shape of some. Some of my favourite paper magazines can only be found at specialty paper shops, but that is part of the challenge of finding them. I am a bit sad that one of my only recent favourites are no longer publishing (Paper Runway) (link to Mags >> Paperunway blog), but I still love a perve on Frankie, Desktop, Peppermint and sometimes even my beloved home magazines can get me excited (sad I know). It might just be a colour, a layout, a headline font that gives me more ideas to keep going!

4. Networking… get out & amongst it.

So over the past 5 or so years I ventured onto the world of networking. It gets me out of my little bat cave of a studio, talking and interacting with ‘real’ people. They don’t have to be in the creative industry to help me remember why I do what I do… and not what they do (financial planning isn’t something that lights my fire to be honest). It allows me to talk myself up… not something I used to be good at. I get to brag about how talented I am, and really boost myself with the knowledge I do possess. Getting amongst it may even get your some more business. It only takes that one person that you connect with to need some graphics done. Remember first impressions are the key (read my Whats in a business card? Blog). Make it, Leave it, Follow it up!

5. Change it up a bit & turn the switch

So are you only doing logos? Is it something that you go to bed dreaming about? Time to mix it up a bit. What else are you good at? Can you push your other talents? It’s always good to be juggling a few different projects to help keep the creative. Getting those extra jobs from recent clients, your new network, can always help get with moving those creative buzzes.

6. Be organized. Clean It & It will come.

A clean desk is a clean mind! Getting order can really clear the mind too! If you are anything like me, I feel more in control when things are in the place… some may call it anal retentiveness, I call it order! Ok, maybe I am a little anal. A trip to Kikki-k, Pulp or Little Paper Lane (all online) can really make your ‘space’ not only creative but ooze order! Remember that a little bit of quirkiness can also bring happiness to your space which helps with keeping it real.

7. Get some feedback.

I love hearing how amazing I am! Don’t we all? It boosts are self esteem! It puts that smile back on our dial! Just recently I was updating my website graphics & content and re-read through my testimonials that I had received over the years… what a great feeling of knowing that I am respected by my clients for what I do. But it might also come from family and friends. Just ask.

8. Embrace who you are & what you do.

Remember why you are doing this. Why do you do this? You must be good at what you do! Love it, embrace it!


Go forth and rock it out!