We love great clients… see how we keep them onboard.

Sometimes they just ‘turn up’ and other times we really have to work hard at it. I love the fact that we get the joy of working on all the different projects that pass through the door and enjoy every minute of it… from logos & business cards, to brochures, flyers, website graphics, and even t-shirts, banners and bespoke wardrobe designs! All this work relies on good processes and creating relationships with trust, honesty, and of course great designs!

When a new job does arrive there are a few things that I make sure we do before starting out. It is vital for jenious to form a relationship with our clients (new & existing), allowing them to understand our processes, design ethos and even a little bit about the boss lady. Forming relationships allows for long standing clients… and jenious has been lucky enough to have had some for more than 10yrs now!

In the beginning:

It starts with asking about your business, what you do, what you provide. I love seeing samples of things you sell, and even if you have other logos, images, graphics that you are inspired by (or even hate!). Vision boarding is a great resource to start doing when you are looking at branding, or even rebranding. This helps get a feel for your style and what you are after. It inspires me to bring out a style that resonate with ‘you’.

We talk about the process, what comes first (the chicken or the egg), time frames, costs and how we charge. I run through my terms & conditions so it’s all out on the table. Its always best to be upfront about all these things we really don’t want to talk about (but know we have to), as it puts us all at ease to know we can then just get on with the job.

I expect my clients to be open and honest with me throughout the entire process. I believe this is the best way to get optimum results. It builds trust between both parties and should be something that continues throughout all projects.

Things to ask us?


Obvious but always a must…How much do you charge?

This is based on each individual job. We supply an estimate proposal that will be discussed before we start outlining all details. See above regarding Terms & Conditions.

How long will it take?

Most clients need things yesterday, but we always allow for realistic timelines. We always strive to get projects done as quickly as possible. Again this will be discussed prior to commencement of the project

Do I get my designs in the end?

Once invoices are paid, of course you will have access to your artwork. These will then become the property of you. jenious just asks for the designs to be respected in their entirety.

Can I choose my own colours?

If you have specific colours in mind, we will go through colour palettes and choose the most appropriate colours. There are things to keep in mind when choosing colours (online viewing, printing, and variations that can happen). Discussing this is all part of the process.

Do you know any printers, signage companies, website developers?

jenious has a great range of contacts throughout Sydney offering a variety of services. Just ask us!

Can you do it all?

We love project managing jobs! It allows us to take control and use our organizational skills to co-ordinate all aspects of design and production to get you the end product without any worries or concerns. But if you prefer to take the reins on things we am happy to simply supply you artwork and send you off into the big world.


Concept to finished product:

It’s not all about just the logo. Often a project ventures onto so much more. jenious starts by creating concepts, allows for revisions (within the range set out in the T&C of course), finalises artwork, supplies all file formats, works on business cards & stationary, creates flyers and brochures, banners, vehicle graphics and supplies direct to the client.

Over the years of working in the industry I have made many vital contacts and now have a great team of suppliers that help me get a great finish to all my jobs – big and small. I love managing projects from start to finish… but am also open if my clients wish to take the artwork and look after it themselves. I respect this and in turn hope for it to be reciprocated from my clients. An appreciation & understanding of my design knowledge… a relationship is formed and maintained. Happiness all round!

Your next step:

So if you are looking for an easy going, but highly organized, creative and understanding designer jenious would love to chat about how we can help you achieve your business branding. Every business deserves to be respected in the design process. Every designer loves the challenge of creating an overall consistent look for a client that represents them and showcases what they do! Bring it on!