Or other bodily functions! Erk!

Sometimes as ‘working mums’ we are challenged with little hiccups in the routine of work… called ‘children being sick’. How inconvenient hey? But it happens.

This week I have been home with my little munchkin bubba (Mr 2yo) who has been very sick – from both ends. Things have not been pleasant, loads of washing has been done, not a lot of sleep has been had, and a gallon of coffee is being consumed.

So how do I keep the business running? How does the ‘working mum’ manage?

Mobility! Honesty! And a while lot of coffee and ‘breathing’. Sometimes it just has to be done to get through the day, let along a whole week.

How do you cope when it feels like it has all turned to… well… ‘crap’ (no pun intended)? Do you:

(1) shut up shop, throw in the towel (with many in the wash from all the vomit), and any hope of work?

(2) battle on and do both with crazy hair, PJs and a house of chaos? Or,

(3) explain to your clients the situation, do as much as you can, then give in to the moment and just ‘be mummy’ as best you can? Ahhhhh sighhhhh!!!!!

I think this week I have managed to do the later, and quite successfully mind you. Maybe it was the universe telling me that I needed to prioritise and take a step back from work just for the moment, without panicking, lots of love, and appreciation from Mr2yo (bless his cotton socks).

PS. Better bubba, happy Mummy (although very very exhausted)!