An online collaboration & local support group.
Launch Date: February 4th, 2015

Creative Beaches

jenious came up with the concept of Creative Beaches to bring together like-minded, talented women working in creative industries and establishing small businesses, in order to share information, inspiration and ideas. It is also our intention to pool from this group ongoing contractors to build jenious’ work base. Providing support and jobs for within the local community.

It is our intention to meet on a regular basis at various locations around the Northern Beaches of Sydney to create opportunities to network and socialise with other creative women. Creative Beaches gatherings are friendly and informal, and always entertaining and inspiring.

Jen Picknell. Founder, Designer & Mum

This collaboration stems from the need to help others as well as myself. I really wanted to be able to bring together other women in the same position as myself, form bonds and create relationships to assist each other in what can sometimes be a lonely existence.

Creative Beaches

The Facebook page is a porthole to joining the conversation and being involved. We hope to cause some inspirational discussions on all things creative, business and what its like to be a working creative mum. I hope that you can come and join the chatter!