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A few years ago I bought a book called “The Wilderness Years – a parents’ survival guide”; a funny witty book to help me through the madness of being a new mum. It was light, funny, approachable and easy to read. I passed on a few copies to my friends so clearly I resonated with it well. A good sign of good writing right?

I actually met Camille through a networking group and somehow knew that she would assist me in my future work in some way or another. Last month I attended one of the ‘Brilliant Business Blogging’ workshops where I started to really understand the importance of finding my voice with this whole blogging business (so to speak). Camille has clearly found her voice, but how would you find yours? Camille gives us some insight into how you might find yours.

Finding your ‘blogging’ voice! And why its’ so important for your brand.

Thank you Jen, this is such an important topic for people who are starting to blog for their business. I talk a lot about ‘blog personality’ but what I’m really talking about is your brand; who you are and why you do what you do – and how that is translated and woven into the content for your blog.

Businesses go to a lot of trouble to make sure all their visual material is ‘branded’, however written and verbal communication is also part of your brand – it is the voice of your brand and one of the best places to have your ‘voice’ heard is via your business blog. Your blog not only needs to relevant to both your client needs and your product or service, it also needs to match your business personality. When you go to purchase an Apple product, the entire process, online or in real life is seamlessly ‘Apple-ified’.

The goal with your business blog is to make sure it seamlessly represents your brand. Tone of voice, language and point-of-view can all be manipulated to fit your brand – and the stronger your brand, the more personality you can inject into it – and the more you will define yourself in your market. Compare Mail Chimp and Aweber, Apple and JB HiFi – they basically do the same thing – but attract very different audiences. And as a footnote – while we think that people purchase on price, increasingly they purchase on experience – so your brand becomes even more important!


And something a little lighter to help us get to know Camille just a little bit better…

#1. Coffee or tea? What is your poison?


#2. What colour/s do you like to surround yourself with and why?

Green, I need nature for grounding and for inspiration – Mother Nature has done some amazing things, I use her for metaphor all the time.

#3. Top 5 on your current playlist.

I’m still recovering from the loss of David Bowie (it could take some time) so anything Bowie.

#4. A book that really got me thinking was....?

A Brief History of Mankind by Yuval Noah Harari.

#5. My passion is...?

Saving Mother Nature’s digestive system from plastic.

#6. Something that I like to do each day is... and why?

I like to spend time not doing. Taking time to sit and do nothing is like mentally catching your breath, it helps you move onto the next thing with a clear mind.

{jenious: I like the sound of a bit of not doing too!}

#7. 3 words that describe who YOU are/what you do?

A thinker, a connector of dots, a curious inquisitor.

#8. How long have you been in the industry?

I have been writing for the web since 2000 and business blogging for the last 4 years.

#9. What makes your business stand out from the rest in the industry?

We pay attention to our reputation by making sure our clients are getting the best possible service. We make sure our processes are constantly being refined and we are constantly asking ‘what will content marketing be tomorrow?’

#10. What's the best thing about your job and why?

Starting your own business from scratch is such a challenge but every step is becomes a satisfying experience and an inspiration to keep moving forward. I also love getting to know business owners, why they do what they do and how they impact the lives of others.

Want to connect with Camille and reap the benefits of her skills?

Please get in touch directly on 0401 245 298 or email camille@brilliantbusiessblogging.com

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