As a mother of two I find it paramount to read to my kids, and yes it will be standard practice that my kids will get involved with book week when the time comes at school (secretly I can’t wait to get them into a bit of dress up).

Being surrounded by books is simply in my blood. I just love books. I’ve even bought books just to look at on my coffee table or on my book shelf. My hubby thinks I am mad.

So it has been an honour to finally design book covers for clients. It’s an exciting time when all their hard work, thoughts, passion and time comes to fruition. Being part of that is super amazing!

From a personal & designer point of view, learning and working with publishers and editors has added to my skill set.

The Greatness Principle, Jen Harwood

The Greatness Principle ~ Jen Harwood. Available NOW!

Family Food Works, Eve Reed

Do you have a Fussy Eater? ~ Eve Reed Available NOW!

Straight Forward, Hooman Zahedi

Straight Forward – Dr Hooman Zahedi. Available NOW!

Ageing Fearlessly For Women, Karen Sander

Ageing Fearlessly for Women -Karen Sander. Available NOW!

Monty the Monster

Monty the Monster ~ J A McLeod. Available NOW!


Where do you actually start? Who can you talk to?

Over the course of designing these fantastic books, I have gained some great contacts. In the aid to pay it forward, and help you get started once you have your head around the concept that you have just written a book… here they are:

1. Amazing copyeditor: Gryphonworks ~ Gaye Wilson

2. Fantastic Publisher: The Publishing Queen ~ Kylee Legge

3. Awesome designer: Jen Picknell @ jenious design