If your creativity juices are running low, these simply tools could be your saviour…. and we can do a little bit of island dreaming along the way too!

It’s absolutely necessary to recharge and regroup the mind, the family bond, the  individual soul, and ultimately our creative selves!

This is what has been going on this week with the jenious fam. Get ready to be jealous… we’ve been up enjoying some serious down time on Hamilton Island, QLD, tapping into some fresh air, sunshine, water, my gorgeous family & friends along with cocktails and sunsets. My ideal time out! We all need to find our perfect recharge – a place, a feeling and a moment that makes us simply stop, breath and enjoy the special moments in time.

I got to open my eyes and see the gorgeous things around me; the clouds moving with the wind, the birds wings against the sky blue, the water ripples with the sun sparkling above – nature at its best! It inspires and supports my soul.

Being away from everything really does allow me to come back to the studio with a fresh dynamic and vigour. It’s great! I love these times.

Unfortunately though we can’t always  just up and travel somewhere amazing to recharge the creative juices. Sometimes we need to know how to do this in the vicinity of our studio (workplace, garage, home, bedroom…other). Grasp hold of any sort of beauty that allows us to unwind, unravel, ‘tap-in’, or ‘tap-out’ of what it is that is holding us in creative limbo.

If this screams you here are 5 tips to help you do some re-tapping:

Spill it, spew it, get it OUT OF YA HEAD! A list of your internal ideas never hurt anyone. Even if its pictures, scribbles and swirls, sometimes our creative urges can come from simply getting it out and onto paper. A nice neat list of items can make the creative madness that conjours up inside feel so much more calmer too.

It might seem like just too much hard work to spend even just 5 minutes to calm the body and mind. I know that feeling – power on, it will come. But really a simple breathing exercise (yep thats meditating) can make the difference and allow you mind to calm and refocus on some creativity. I personally like the easy process of grounding my feet the ground, softening my mouth & placing my tongue to the top of my palette, and breathing in while imagining I am sucking in from the top of my head and into my toes, into my legs, my base, my tummy, my chest, my fingers, my throat and finally my head. Letting the breath just flow in and out, letting my tummy rise and fall with the breathe. Last as long as you can, or set a timer if you are strapped for time. Now you are ready to ‘save the world’.

Time to regroup, grab that coffee and just go and talk… about anything… and everything. A little bit of verbal diahoreha  never hurt anyone and quite frankly, for me, it can be the best type of medicine to soothe the soul and help get my head back into things. Just quietly I am off to do just this tomorrow before getting stuck into things. Not a bad thing to set in the schedule each week I reckon.

Its’ got rhythm, beat and movement that can really help increase the adrenaline to shift the most stubborn creativeness. Sometimes even getting into the spirit of the job at hand can help. I have been known to ‘Spotify’ search me some dance ‘doof doof’ tunes to help get my zone on into some event posters! Design away my friend, design away… loud and proud. (just remember to

Oh yes you can! Creative juices can often be the result of too much work and not enough play or enjoyment. It doesn’t have to be a major excursion. I remember working for a large German conglomerate (back in the day) and it was a simple as walking across the road to Macquarie Centre to window shop, spray some perfume on in Myers and then walk back to my desk. Even though a massage would work too… or an island holiday with the family. Whatever works for you.

Now let’s do this!


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